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By October 31st of each academic year of tenure of the Scholarship, the scholar will send to the Committee a written report on his or her academic progress during that year. The report should also include evidence of their grades and any other matters and activities considered relevant or of interest.

Current Salt Creek Scholars wishing to apply for an extension or deferral must submit a request in writing by October 31st of the year prior to be approved by the Committee .

The Scholarship will be forfeited if in the opinion of the Trustees the Scholarship holder:-

  1. is guilty of serious misconduct or behaves in any way which would have been taken into consideration against their selection as a Salt Creek Scholar.
  2. fails their examinations without good cause to the satisfaction of the Committee.
  3. resigns their Scholarship.

At their discretion, the rules of the Scholarship may be changed by the Committee from time to time.